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Herbs, Gourmet Foods, Flowers and Mushrooms Posters

Edible Garden & Cultivated Mushrooms Posters

FIELD, GARDEN and CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS depicts numerous edible mushrooms which are cultivated, found on stumps, in open spaces or in back yards, fields, and gardens:

Sparassis, cauliflower, Maitake, Grifola, hen of the woods, Laetoporus, chicken of the woods, earth star, Marasimus, beech orange, Lentinus, split gill, shiitake, Volveriella, paddy straw mushroom, Agrocybe, St. george's mushroom, button, Agaricus, crimini, blewit, Lepista, Hericium, lion's mane, blueleg, Lepista, nameko, Phiolota, Tremellaa, morel, Morchella, corn smut, Ustiago, Macrolepiota, parasol mushroom, enoki, Flammulina, oyster mushroom, Pleurotus, veiled lady, shaggy mane, Coprinus, wood ear, Auricularia, termite mushroom, beefsteak, Fistulina, honey mushroom, Armillaria, Portobello, shimeji, Lycophyllum

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