Memory foam vs. latex, which one to choose

Are you out shopping for your next new mattress and happens to be confused on what to choose? Well, here is a perfect opportunity for you to finally make the best choice. What is the best mattress for you among this two?

Foam mattresses were originally designed back in the 1960s as airplanes sit. These mattresses are made of viscoelastic substance. They are soft and have great energy. An interesting feature about these mattresses is that they are able to mold according to your body’s response to heat and pressure. As a result, your body weight is evenly distributed. Once free from the pressure, the mattress is able to fold back into its original shape. They are considered to be the best mattress uk ever.

The latex mattress, on the other hand, is a combination of latex foam and springs to create a durable surface which is supportive enough for sleep. Latex is simply foam derived from a particular rubber tree that was discovered way back in the 1900s by one known as Dunlopillo.

What are the benefits of using latex mattress?

Relieving pressure

With its elastic features, the latex mattress has the ability to respond to your body weight. This also includes your movements as well as shape. This kind of feature ensures that your body heaviest points are free from pressure as it gives great support in return.


A latex mattress is easy to maintain as it doesn’t require flipping. The mattress is simply made with one side specially fitted for support and sleeping on.


Thinking of durability, the latex mattress has it all calculated; the mattress is naturally very resilient to pressure over a long period of time. The mattresses have a reputation for staying longer in shape for long years. If durability happens to be your main area of focus, then look no further than the latex foam mattress.

Environmental friendly

Looking back at the history of the latex mattresses, the trees which provide for this kind of rubber utilized by the latex mattress have got the great impact to the surrounding. It is estimated that the trees used are able to convert 90 million-plus tons of carbon dioxide emitted it the air into oxygen annually. With this impeccable record, the latex mattresses are therefore one of the best eco-friendly mattresses in the market and the industry at large.


The latex structure of these mattresses automatically makes them free from dust production. Through this, the mattresses are able to give a fresh sleeping environment and a healthy one.

On the other hand, Memory foam mattresses will offer you the following;

The aspect of memory foam mattresses taking up the shape of your kind of poster makes it comfortable to support your preferred posture.

You will definitely enjoy a great sleep with the foam mattress because of its ability to adjust according to your body temperatures and heat. This ensures that your sleeping patterns are well balanced out. However, this could be disadvantageous if you happen to be sharing your mattress with someone else. The comfortable aspect of the two of you is not guaranteed unless you share similar preferences when it comes to the sleeping posture.

Foam mattresses are believed to offer and relieve people experiencing back pain.  This is made possible by their accommodative nature of taking the shape of the one who sleeps on it. With this, you will be able to sleep comfortably with the mattress hugging you.  It will also give you support with preferred posture.

Choosing the best mattress for you sleep solely depends on your personal preferences. Identify your key zones of defining a peaceful and restful sleep before reaching out to the store for these kinds of mattresses. Will it be the memory foam or Latex? The choice is absolutely yours to make.

A Buying guide for the best LED grow lights

Cannabis plants can be grown in a variety of lights including CFLs, HIDs, and LEDs, but many people purchase LEDs only because it saves a lot of money. LED lights were expensive when they were released but they are now almost as cheap as HIDs. LEDs also consume very less power, which gives it a huge advantage when compared to HIDs, and although the yields were average with LEDs in the beginning, many LEDs are now matching that of HIDs.

So, if you’re considering LED lights, you’ve come to the right place because this guide will explain what you need to know before you purchase LEDs.

Quality, quality, quality

I simply can’t stress that enough. There are so many LEDs in the market that lights that were available for $300 a piece are now priced at $100. As the competition is growing at a rapid pace, many manufacturers are supplying inferior lights that are made with substandard materials. If you’re not a serious grower, you can choose any among the vast array of lights, but if you want to grow some tasty bud that’s covered with resin, you need to purchase lights from a manufacturer who has made quality his top priority. Visit smokeandbuzz – best led grow lights to know more.

Take the example of Advanced Platinum LEDs for instance. They are a tad expensive, but if you consider the fact that the lights last for about 100,000 hours (8-10 years) it’s obvious that it’s a smart choice. You can also go for other lights like Viparspectra and Marshydro that are priced affordably, but before you purchase anything, do not forget to check the reputation of the manufacturer. The LED chips also play a major role as these lights are nothing but a bunch of smaller LEDs, so never compromise when it comes to quality.

Power consumption

Most LEDs fare well when it comes to the power they consume, but you must always check the actual power draw before anything else. It’s important for you to understand that the output of a light includes both light and heat. While we need light for the plants, we don’t need the heat that accompanies the light. Other lights like HIDs get hot very quickly and are thus inefficient, but it’s also true that some LEDs emit less heat when compared to other LEDs.


The light spectrum is nothing but the different colors that are emitted by the light. You’ll notice light manufacturers offering full spectrum, but what does it really mean? Well, it only means that the light contains all the colors necessary for the plants to grow, but this doesn’t mean that all lights advertised as full spectrum actually work best.

For instance, many manufacturers claim that their lights contain full spectrum but since the lights contain only white lights, they are pretty much useless. Cannabis plants need more blue light during the vegetative stage while the color red is more suitable during the flowering stage. Therefore, you must choose something that offers a good mix of all colors.

You’ve probably noticed lights that come with UV and IR rays, and although some experts argue that it’s not beneficial, UV lights can help disinfect your plants. UV lights are also expensive, and that makes many manufacturers hesitate to include them in their lights, but if you get a good light that’s priced affordably and also includes a full spectrum with IR and UV lights, you now know that you can simply go for it.


Always keep an eye on the temperature when growing plants indoors as it prevents mishaps in the future. Even if you’re purchasing an LED that emits quite a bit of heat, remember to install additional fans that can keep the temperature down. Most LEDs are equipped with internal fans but prevention is better than cure. It’s not difficult to grow cannabis indoors as long as you purchase the best equipment that saves your time and money.

Tiny house storage ideas

Even though most tiny house dwellers sort out their possessions to have just what they need, getting enough space for storage remains a big challenge. However, there are creative tiny house storage ideas that will help you have a more organized house.

Underfloor storage

How cool and creative is this! It takes a serious space starvation to come up with some of these storage ideas, but they are really helpful. All you do to have an underfloor storage is to cut out a section of your flooring, and you can store most of the offseason stuff in there. And, the good thing is, accessing anything stored in there is super easy as you won’t need any ladders and you can also still place your table or anything on the same spot.

Creative outdoor storage

One of the most used outdoor storage by most tiny homeowners is the exterior steps leading to the house. If you are struggling to find the ideal place to store your shoes or garden supplies and tools, this idea might just save you. You can make wooden steps in a way that they open and close, and you can keep anything that fits in there.

Indoor staircase storage

This is another staircase storage idea that you will find in most tiny houses, and it can help you store quite a good number of valuables in your house. This storage idea is mostly referred to as the floor-to-ceiling storage, and it is really helpful and creative. There are various designs when it comes to indoor staircase storage, and you can always look around and go with the one that suits your house design better.

Space-making built-ins

There are so many space saving built-ins that will help you store more stuff and enjoy more space in your tiny home. For example, you can have the “disappearing staircase” where you only retract it when you are going up or down. There are also retractable beds, tables, dining tables, and so on that you only bring to the vicinity when you need to use them.

You can also have a lounge storage whether in your couch or whatever you seat on. You can have top lift couches, pull out baskets, side drawers, shelves, etc.

Room dividers that also serve as storages

If you are thinking of adding a room divider in your tiny house, then get one that will not only help divide the room but also serve as a storage space. Some room dividers are designed to also serve as bedroom closets, bookcases, while some have built-in pockets to store just anything that fits. And, you can also use your clothing rack as a room divider.

Sink/toilet combo

For people who are not using composting toilets, the sink/toilet combo idea can be of great help. You will not only be saving space but also water. Check out tiny houses for sale in california to get more ideas on how you would like to design your tiny house. Basically, the sink will be above the toilet, and all the water that you use will be used when flashing the toilet. This gives you more bathroom space.

Hidden rubbish/compost bin

If you are wondering where to put your rubbish bin appropriately, you can incorporate the idea of a hidden bin in your tiny house. You can have it built right into a countertop or even below the cupboard.

Slatwall panels

Slatwall panels can be used to create very flexible storage spaces. The idea is super versatile because the slats secure the shelves easily to the wall thus making it super easy to add, remove or rearrange shelving. This is a great storage idea especially for people who love to play around with things in their house. You can always give your house a new look without spending any money or take too much time. And, with Slatwall shelving, you won’t even need any space-hogging tables.

Double-duty furniture

There are various very creative space-saving furniture ideas for tiny homes, and one of these ideas is the double-duty furniture. Basically, these types of furniture for example can be used for more than one function. You can have a dining area that also has a storage place underneath while also functioning as a workspace.