5 best selling items on Amazon ever

Being one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon sells thousands of products every day to consumers all over the world. In this site you not only buy or sell products, you also get great reviews and feedbacks from users. Here the shoppers can also see the popular items on this site; that is what others are buying most. Here are some of the best selling items on Amazon ever.


This popular video game console by Sony is one of the best selling items on Amazon. Sony released it’s the first version of the PlayStation in 1995. Since then millions of this gaming console have been sold around the world.

Harry Potter

Hundreds of millions of Harry Potter books have been sold in 73 different languages. The Harry Potter series is one of the most selling items on Amazon ever. JK Rowling is now the highest paid author in the world. Harry Potter has been the bestseller for many years. The last book of the Harry Potter series, ‘Deadly Hallows’, is the most sold book of this series.


The iPhone was launched by Apple in 2007. About 95 million iPhones were sold during the first and second quarter after it’s launch. iPhone 5S, 5C are the best selling models for iPhone.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

It is the best selling album ever. Millions of copies of this album have been sold across the world. More than 100 thousand copies of this album were sold a week after Michael Jackson’s death.

Call of Duty franchise

It is one of the best gaming brands in the world. It has been one of the bestsellers at Amazon since 2009. The popularity of this game has gone beyond boundaries.

These products on Amazon have been the top sellers ever. Millions of people from around the world have purchased these products from Amazon. This shows how popular these products are.