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Patron Saints by Roman
Boxed with Prayer Card and History

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3.5" Patron Saints and Holy Figures with Prayer Cards and Life Stories.

St. Christopher - Patron of Travelers. Christ-bearer.
St. Alphonsus Liguori - Patron Saint of Arthritis and Confessions. Doctor of the Church.
Pope John Paul II - Successor of St. Peter. Time Magazine "Man of the Year" 1994. 
St. Anne - Patron of Mothers and Wives. Special protector of Mothers and Grandmothers.
St. Benedict - The founder of Monasticism. Patron of Religious Orders.
St. Joan of Arc - Patroness of Soldiers and France. Protector of Heroic Causes.
St. George - Patron of England, Chivalry. Protector against evil.
St. John Vianney - Patron Saint of Priests. The Cure of Ars.
St. John Neumann - Patron of Catholic Education. First American Bishop.
St. Jude - Patron of Desperate Causes. Helper in urgent needs.
St. Martin de Porres - Martin of Charity. Defender of racial justice.
St. Monica - Patron of Mothers, Wives and Homemakers. Mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo.
St. Lucy - Patron of the Blind. Bringer of Light.
St. Paul - Patron of Journalists, Publicists and Authors. Author of 14 Canonical Epistles.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Patron of the Carmelites. The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Blessed Virgin Mary - Universal Patron. Queen of All Saints.
The Divine Child - Symbol of the innocence of faith.
The Divine Mercy - Patron of the Destiny of Humanity. Trust and Mercy.
St. Stephen - Patron of Deacons and Stone Masons. The First Martyr.
Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos. Bringer of Comfort to the Ill.

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