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Gigi's First Day of School DVD
God's Little Princess

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Fully-animated video with two fun, heartwarming adventures.

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023755409898 Gigi's First Day of School DVD $17.98
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Gigi's First Day of School: Hard to believe, but the ever-confident Gigi is actually nervous about starting first grade. She's heard some rumors from the neighbor kids about the teacher and isn't sure school is for her. Join Tiara, Fluffy and Frances for a wild ride thru Gigi's over-active imagination on her way to growing up.

Gigi's Fishing Hole: Lake Popplepopper is a glorified pond near Gigi's house. Naturally, Gigi has taken it upon herself to free all the fish living there. But when she and Frances come to finish the task, it seems that mean Mr. Spooner has foiled their plans. Gigi is convinced that this injustice shall not stand. Find out how this roiling conflict was prevented from becoming an all-out feud.


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