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This work of love brings one closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ! our Sprits are exhilarated as we meditate on the "stations of joy?" We rejoice in Christ's victory for us! The difficulties and seeming failures of life can be looked at through the Cross and we can identify with the human frailties of the apostles. We are asked to live in the Resurrection and beyond. This work of love brings us to a deeper faith, a greater expectancy, and gives us hope for new beginnings. Fr. Daniel and Fr. Mark guide us to a singular Dove-like focus toward the only object of our desire. We receive comfort and forgiveness, hope and peace from the cause of our joy! Allow your self to walk with Jesus anew, each time you listen to the lovingly written refrain performed with the gentile voice of Fr. Mark Mastrian. Allow Fr. Dan Dymski's inspired spiritual meditations, coupled with his gifted and soothing voice, to touch the depth of your soul. Total play tim

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