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CUSTOMIZABLE Wooden Lazy Susan, Choose Your Own Art
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Take color and functional art out for a spin with our beautiful wooden Lazy Susan. Made with four 4.25 handmade ceramic or glass art tiles in a mural style hand-adhered to the top with grout, this functional piece of art for your kitchen or dining room will have your guests paying just as more attention to your serving decor than the food. Let your guests help themselves as they spin beautiful art on your table.

Measures 11 5/16 x 11 5/16 x 1 7/8, available in rich finished Cherry or lush finished Maple. Maple is shown in photo, with "Arielle Olive" from our Pattern Collection.

Only mural images (one image divided) are available for this product.

You may also create a Lazy Susan with your own uploaded art/photography. Just check the appropriate choice from the dropdown menu.

Important: Please make sure you choose the proper selection from the menus; you can choose either a Color Bakery image or your uploaded art/photography.

1. Dreamscape Collection (our best sellers)
2. Chimera Collection (over 140 images)
3. Photography Gallery
4. Pattern Gallery
5. Emergence Series (butterfly art)
6. Paintings Gallery
7. Zodiac Series
8. Stained Glass Gallery
9. Pop Art Gallery
10. Vintage Gallery

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Questions? Contact us.

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LAZ CUSTOMIZABLE Wooden Lazy Susan, Choose Your Own Art $59.90
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Fine art painted textures, overlays, digital designs for serious artists to use in their own creations.
Gorgeous, extremely hi res painted textures and digital designs for
serious artists with which to create new masterpieces.

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